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Welcome to the EPS District Technology Page! Here you will find helpful information about our department, the technology we use, and how students can utilize the technology effectively.  

Staff and Community Technology Page
EPS Staff and Community members are welcomed to explore our new page, designed with resources and guides for instructional technology at school and home. 

Technology Helpdesk Request Link

Staff and students, please submit all issues, questions, and requests here!
Note* the helpdesk is an internal service, meaning if you are not on the EPS network it will be unavailable!
**New** You may also send request via email directly to:
using the link helpdesk request link above you may check on the status of your request.


Director of Technology

John Sousa
Oliver Ames High School
(508) 230-3210

Director of Instructional Technology and Curriculum
Suzana Somers

Oliver Ames High School
(508) 269-4052

District Technology Facilitator
Donna Davey
Richardson Olmsted School
(508) 230-3205

System Technician
Bruce Tanzer
Easton Middle School
(508) 230-3222

Data Specialist
Karen Mileika
Central Administration
(508) 230-3200, Ext. 220

Language Support

What kind of devices do we recommend for school?
If you are thinking of purchasing a device for your student, we recommend a Chromebook.  There are many different brands and models (HP, Acer, Asus).  Some Chromebooks have added features like touchscreens, larger monitors, and others can convert into a tablet. For your day-to-day low cost laptop, we are using the base model Acer Chromebook. The base model will typically run between $170 and $200 on Amazon. We have over 300 units and have been very pleased with their low breakage rate and high reliability.

While the chromebook will not play high end games, or store your entire music and photo library, it is perfect for accessing the EPS Google suite and using the internet. If you are looking for a simple straightforward device for doing homework, conducting research, watching videos online, this will cover nearly all your needs. You may want to look at other traditional laptops if you are into high end graphic design, video editing, or gaming.

Here is a link searching Acer chromebooks via Amazon

Subsidized & low cost internet access or devices!

Did you know that as part of the National School Lunch Program, you may qualify for low cost internet and devices? 
In addition to offering internet for ~$10 per month, many internet service providers will waive contracts, and equipment fees.
Check here to see if you qualify with Comcast's internet essentials program
PC's for People offers computers and internet at reduced costs here
COX offering for reduced cost internet located here
A full roundup of the latest subsidy information can be found at

Check out our Technology FAQ page for common questions about antivirus at home, protecting your families searches at home, and more.
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