Moreau Hall Elementary School
Our Kindergarten Teachers
Mrs. Jenna Cerundolo
Miss Heather Jolly 
Ms. Maria Elena Police

Our Kindergarten Paraprofessionals

Mrs. Janet McCarthy
Mrs. Kathy Wertz

Kindergarten Entrance Age Policy

Welcome to our Kindergarten Program!

We are happy to provide both a full day and half day experience for our Kindergarten students this year. 

Our curriculum is based on the Easton Public Schools Curriculum and the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks incorporating the Common Core State Standards. Developmentally appropriate practices are incorporated with small and whole group instruction in conjunction with centers-based learning. Our teachers are a true team who work collaboratively to plan lessons that meet the needs of all of our learners. Field trips enhance what is being taught in the classroom. Our students are instructed in phonics, reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. Social development is also a very important part of Kindergarten. We believe that Kindergarten is a special time in a young child’s life and we make every effort to make the experience child-friendly, child-centered, positive, exciting, fun and meaningful! That is what makes Moreau Hall a cut above the rest! Your support is extremely important to your child’s success.

One of the most important things you can do to support your child is to make time to read with him/her as often as you can. Read with your child and let him/her see you as a reader. Modeling is so important for young children.

Important Kindergarten Events to Know...
Kindergarten Orientation takes place in early March each year. Parents/guardians attend the Orientation Evening at the school where their child is assigned (Moreau Hall, Center School or Parkview School). Assignments are based on where a family resides in Easton. You can call our school if you are not sure what school your child will attend. At the orientation meeting parents/guardians receive registration materials, meet the faculty and get information about our Kindergarten Program.

Kindergarten Student Registration takes place in April when parents/guardians come to Moreau Hall to register their child. The School Secretary and School Nurse are available on these dates to collect registration materials (given out at Parent Orientation Night) and review health records. Once the registration materials have been completed – a screening appointment is given for June.
Kindergarten Screening takes place on the last three days of school in June. Regular kindergarten classes do not meet on these days as teachers and staff are involved in the screening process. 603 CMR 28, the Massachusetts Special Education Law, requires that each school system in MA conduct a screening program prior to kindergarten entry. The purpose of screening is to identify children who might have a special need so that the school can provide for the child’s needs appropriately. (Screening is not a readiness assessment.)

A Kindergarten Welcome letter is mailed out to parents on July 1st. The letter from our Principal, Mr. Higgins, gives you pertinent information about your child’s assigned session (Full day or Half day), your child’s teacher, kindergarten expectations, transportation, Open House date and times and the first day of school. You will also get a letter later in the summer from your new Kindergarten teacher.

Please use the following link to learn more about the Massachusetts Frameworks: