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EPS Preschool



Interested in the Easton Public Schools’ Preschool
for the 2018-19 school year?
Please fill out and return the application found here 

2018-19 Student Application

Please note: Your child must (1) be age 3 by August 31, 2018, (2) be an Easton resident, and (3) be completely toilet trained prior to starting school to qualify for this preschool. 

This site is designed for parents who have enrolled, or are considering enrolling, their child in the Easton Public Schools' Preschool. The links along the left margin make this site easy to navigate and are intended to provide parents with the information they need regarding the preschool. Please feel free to email Kelly Moroso at kmoroso@easton.k12.ma.us with any questions related to the preschool or if you have questions or concerns regarding your child's development or special education services.

The Easton Public Schools Preschool currently has classrooms at Parkview, Center, and Moreau Hall. Our highly qualified staff work collaboratively to prepare our students for success in kindergarten. Please refer to Hours and Sections to find out more information on the current classes, locations, and hours.

Each class maintains a low student to staff ratio, with a licensed teacher and paraprofessional support. The preschool staff also includes a speech and language pathologist (SLP), occupational therapist (OT), physical therapist (PT), school adjustment counselor, school psychologist, and a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Please refer to the Preschool Staff Directory for a complete list of all preschool staff and their contact information.

Please refer to Tuition and Fees for more information on cost.

Our preschool follows the Easton Public Schools' Calendar. 
2017-2018 District Calendar
2018-2019 District Calendar