Aspen X2 (Student Portal)



What is Aspen?

Aspen is a Student Information Management System created by Follett Software. Easton Public Schools uses Aspen to manage student information including grades, scheduling, attendance, discipline, special education and other data. While the entire district uses Aspen, student portal accounts are only available for Oliver Ames High School and Easton Middle School students.  Parents can log into Aspen to view information about their children using their child’s login credentials.

What is the URL for Aspen?

How do I set up my computer to access Aspen?

Aspen may be accessed with any Internet-connected computer. You can use just about any web browser - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or others. You must allow pop-ups in any and all pop-up blockers you have installed or allow pop-ups from Easton Public Schools.

When do I receive my child’s username and password?

Student usernames and passwords are mailed to parents/guardians prior to the start of school. 

I have multiple children in the Easton Public Schools - can I have one parent account for all my children?

At this time Easton does not have the Parent Portal open which would allow access to all your children from one logon.  You must login to each child’s Aspen account separately using their username and password provided.

How do I access my student's grading info?  (Only available for students at Oliver Ames High School and Easton Middle School)

Parents of Oliver Ames High School and Easton Middle School students can click on the Academics Tab in Aspen. Grading information will display as it is released by the classroom teacher. This information consists of individual assignments released by a teacher.

When you click on the Academics top tab, you will see the list of your child's classes and the average at that time. The average will fluctuate as graded assignments are released by the teacher. Click on a class, then on the Assignments side tab for more details.

There is much more information available.  Explore by clicking on other top tabs and side tabs.  (Not all features are applicable)

How do I sign up for Grade Notification emails in Aspen?

Parents and students can receive email notifications from Aspen. The system allows you to subscribe to these notifications. They are not sent until you subscribe to them. The email message is sent daily at approx 1 p.m..  Messages are only sent if you subscribe and if a grade event as described below has been entered that day.

To Sign up for these notifications:

  • Log into your child’s Student Aspen Account
  • Click on their name on upper right, and select Set Preferences
  • Click on the Security Tab
  • Enter your email address in the Primary Email Address field (you may also enter a second address in the Alternate Email Address field)
  • Click OK to close the Preferences window
  • Click on the My Info Tab at the top
  • Click on the Notification side tab
  • Check off the Notification
  • Enter a grade threshold for notification

Please note that parents with multiple children need to activate these notifications for each of their children.