School Safety Information
School Resource Officer

The Easton Public Schools place the safety of our students as the highest of all priorities.  As such we work closely with the Easton Police Department on all safety issues.  To this end, we have a School Resource Officer who is located at Oliver Ames High School.  Should you ever need to contact the police on a school related matter, or simply want to consult them on a safety concern, our Resource Officer is the individual to reach.

School Resource Officer
(508) 230-3210
Chris Aker, Ext. 1441

Raptor Technologies - Visitor Management System

Easton Public Schools uses Raptor which is an electronic visitor management system that has the capacity to instantly access the National Sex Offender Registry of all 50 states. It notifies school staff if a visitor is a registered sex offender. It also has the capacity to alert school officials of any restraining orders or custody issues. This allows for better protection of all students and staff. In case of emergency where evacuation is necessary, the system can be accessed remotely to identify any visitors in the building. It also provides more accurate records of school visitors (avoids illegible entries, forgotten sign outs, etc.).