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Greetings Easton Families!

As your Assistant Superintendent, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of you.  Whether directly or indirectly, I am committed to ensuring the best education possible for all children. Now in my third year in Easton, I have enjoyed getting to know the staff and students.  There are a plethora of truly incredible educational opportunities that our students have experienced. I am excited to see all the continuing possibilities to come.

 In Easton Public Schools, there is a team of teacher leaders that work with me on curriculum design.  Our Curriculum Leaders are committed to engaging our students in the most meaningful educational opportunities.  I am excited to continue the wonderful curriculum work that has already been underway. Using the UbD (Understanding By Design) process, our team of Curriculum Leaders along with Administrators will continue to lead the creation of rigorous units so our future leaders are provided with the best education tailored to their needs and learning styles.

 Our K-5 students will be using a new Science program in their classrooms this year (Grades 3-5) and next (Grades K-2).  The Know Atom Science program compliments the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks to provide a comprehensive science experience for all students.  Our teachers will be provided multiple opportunities for professional development throughout the year, which will continue to offer support throughout their implementation.  Our students will benefit greatly in the years ahead by having the Know Atom program that teachers can draw from to create authentic learning opportunities that meet the needs of all Easton students.

 We continue to express the importance of professional development through the continuation of Easton University.  Our teachers will be able to select from a menu of PD opportunities at different points throughout the year. The professional development is composed of courses that are offered by our own staff as well as courses that they may take outside the district.  These opportunities continue to stress the importance of maintaining a reflective practice. Easton Community University will also be continuing. Brochures will be available online with different offerings throughout the community for all residents. This year we are highlighting our Equity Series for both the staff and community.  Please stay tuned for more information. 

 I am looking forward to continuing our work together.  Please follow me on Twitter @AssistSupEaston.


Crissy Pruitt
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Christine Pruitt 

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