EPS Preschool
Typical School Day
A typical day at the EPS Preschool includes small and large group instruction that balances active and quiet activities.  Children work and play in small groups.  The routine for the day includes the following:
Arrival Period
This begins at the front door where the children start their day, after they are dropped off for school and ends with finding their name marker on their circle time mat to begin.

Circle Time
Group lessons take place that revolve around the classroom theme.  The circle lesson may be taught by the Teacher or by a specialist, such as the Speech/Language Pathologist.  

Center Time
After Circle Time, the children select an activity to go to, by using our Center/Choice board.  The centers vary each day but do include all developmental areas, such as, dramatic play, sensory play, art activity, fine motor activity, gross motor activity, and a teacher directed lesson.  The teacher directed lesson will vary from day to day but might be:  cooking, sequencing, patterning, fine/gross motor activities, or a language activity.  The children are encouraged to independently try a variety of center activities every day.

Cleanup/Closing Circle Time
After the children have participated in our clean up they gather on the rug for another short circle.  At this time, follow up activities such as calendar/weather, Letter of the Week, group games/songs, or sharing may take place.

All children wash their hands before they eat snack.  Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and unpack and pack their snacks and backpacks.
Playground/Motor Play/Dismissal
We try to end our day with some time on the playground (weather permitting).  The school gym is available on certain days or we try to have the children participate in a movement activity within the classroom.