Aspen - Family & Student Portals
The Aspen Family/Student Portal supports the goals of the Easton Public Schools to engage students and their families and provide opportunities for communication. Providing timely information for parents, guardians and students about student performance serves the school system’s Strategic Plan priorities of maximizing individual student achievement and enhanced relationships within our community.


Quick Video

View this short video on how to navigate the portals.  The first five minutes is mostly for the Student Portal and then it reviews navigation for the Family Portal.

What is Aspen?

Aspen is a Student Information Management System created by Follett Software. Easton Public Schools uses Aspen to manage student information including grades, scheduling, attendance, discipline, special education and other data.

While the entire district uses Aspen, Student Portal accounts are only available for Oliver Ames High School and Easton Middle School students.

What is the Family Portal?

The Family Portal is a part of Aspen that lets parents and legal guardians see certain information about their own children in one place.  An Aspen Family Portal account allows you to follow your student(s) progress. This account is for parent/legal guardian use only and will allow you to view all family members in multiple schools with just ONE account/login.

Is my child's information secure?

Aspen protects your student's information with the same advanced technology your bank uses to protect your financial accounts.  The Family and Student Portals have been carefully configured to ensure that your student's information is confidential and can only be retrieved by you - the parent/guardian, authorized school personnel, and the student themselves.

How is the Family Portal different from my child's Student Portal?

If you have students at Easton Middle School or Oliver Ames High School, they have their own student account which you have been sharing.  It lets them see information about themselves.  With the Family Portal, as a parent/guardian, you now have your own login and can see all family members, regardless of school, on one account.

What information is available?

 [Use the "Top" Tabs and "Left Side" Tabs to navigate around the portal]

Pages Top Tab:

         When schools/teachers "post" to the portal:

  • Published Reports widget (view Report Cards, IEP Progress Reports)  
  • Recent Activity widget (Posed Grades for EMS/OA only), Attendance.  (Students are separated in this widget)
  • NOTE: Access to report cards is only available on the Full Website under the Published Reports widget. Published reports are not visible on the mobile site.  If you are unable to open/download a PDF file, see instructions at the bottom of this page.
Family Top Tab:

See all your students with one login!!

  • Student demographic details, address, photo and bus information
  • Student Contacts, Attendance
  • Student Schedule (Easton Middle School and Oliver Ames High School only)
  • Special Education IEPs (under Documents side tab)
  • End of Year report cards are also available from Documents side tab once posted
Academics Top Tab:

  • Use the Student drop-down menu to select a student
  • Class details, Assignments/Scores, Attendance
  • NOTE: Gradebook and Assignment features are not enabled for elementary students at this time.
How do I access my child's Report Card, IEP Progress Report or Progress Report?

When a school publishes a report, you will receive an email notifying you that a report has been published.  A link to the report will appear in the Published Reports section on the PAGES tab eliminating the need for mailing paper reports.  Students (in grades 6-12 only) and parents can view and download the report.  If you are unable to access, please contact your child's school.

  • Access to report cards is only available on the Full Website under the Published Reports widget. Published reports are not visible on the mobile site.  If you are unable to open/download a PDF file, see instructions at the bottom of this page.
Click here for more detailed information.

Note on Progress Reports:  To view your child's Progress Report, you must log into their Student Portal Account.   Progress Reports are not viewable from the Family Portal.

End of Year Report CardFinal report cards are saved to the Family Portal.  Click on the Family top tab, then Documents side tab.  You will see saved report cards for viewing/downloading.

How do I access my portal account?

NOTE: The first time you log in you must be on a computer/laptop. Once you’ve set up the account you can log in on a phone or tablet.

  • Click here 
    This link is specific to our district and should always be used to access the portal. You can use the Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, but pop-up blockers must be turned off.
  • Enter your unique Login ID and Password provided to you
    The first time you log in, you will be prompted to choose and answer a security question for future password recovery.  Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.  Usernames are always lowercase and have the following format:  first initial/last name (jsmith).  If more than one user has the same first initial and last name, your account may have been created with a slightely different login like jmsmith, jsmith1, jsmith2, etc.
  • Pay close attention to the Primary Email Address listed in this window
    This is the email address communication will be sent to you, including password recovery and/or direct communication from teachers or school/district Administrators. We highly recommend using a Gmail account, as this is compatible with our systems. Some email programs (Yahoo, Outlook, Verizon, msn, aol) have filters in place that restrict or block messages from systems such as this.

How do I change my email address or password?

Parent contacts with a Family Portal account can click 'Set Preferences' in the upper-right corner of the screen.  Click the Security tab and update your email or password.  If you update your email address, it is automatically updated everywhere in Aspen.  You do not have to contact your school secretary to have it updated for your children.

What if I forgot my password?

Click on "I forgot my password" on the Aspen log in screen and a new one will be sent to you. If you did not answer the security question when you activated your account, you will not be able to use this feature and you will have to email

How do I access my child's IEP?

Click here for instructions on reading IEP's in the portal.

How do I see my child's Email Username and Passwsord?

Username and Email Password are visable on the right side of the Family top tab


What if I cannot download/open a PDF file for a Report Card or IEP Progress Report?

If you are unable to open PDFs then it is likely because you do not have any software installed that can open them. 
Chrome has a built in PDF reader, but if you are using a different browser, you can download Adobe Reader to view PDF files:

How do I sign up for Grade Notification emails in Aspen?

Parents and students can receive email notifications from Aspen. The system allows you to subscribe to these notifications. They are not sent until you subscribe to them. The email message is sent daily at approx 1 p.m..  Messages are only sent if you subscribe and if a grade event as described below has been entered that day.

Click on the Family top tab, then Notifications side tab.  Check off Subscription and enter grade threshold.


Family Portal login questions, email

Student Portal questions should directed to their school's Guidance Department